Road trip


A 9th Journey:




   A ninth 9-day Road Trip this time, carried out in early 2020 in France. From small towns in the north to Reims as a starting point (different like each trip) and whose idea was to end an introspection while passing

by innumerable cities, countryside, water points under a sun of the beginning of the year in order to reflect on various subjects,

on oneself mainly in auspicious places.


   (This trip will be the last of the introspective type).

Introspective journey (reminder):

   Conditions identical to previous trips: WITHOUT real budget or real comfort.

   A concept of travel having as much a psychological aspect as a photographic one that I put forward in writings,

videos and through photographs processed in order to convey the idea within reach here of most (men & women)

with the desire to indirectly help some people faced with one or more complications of different sizes, of different order (emotional, family, friendly and or professional) with this process, this method.

   Trips that are not vacations or business trips because the objective is quite different. When we leave

on vacation and when you come back, the worries are still there. When one leaves for professional objectives,

the concentration focuses mainly on the work, on the company.


   In this type of trip, you find yourself face to face, in front of a mirror (therefore you can't lie to yourself)

most often in order to definitively resolve simple or complex concerns through places conducive to reflection

and consciously or unconsciously orchestrating introspection. A word that has great importance in this type of trip

and that I voluntarily use several times in this text, also in the previous ones and on Blog 2.0 in order to manifest

this meaningful parameter. In this case, the internal advantages are numerous and certain. They allow

to answer many questions of all kinds, about oneself and above all, but also on subjects such as friendship, family, love, letting go, society, the world of work or still about people, common thought,

conditioning, mores for other examples.


   Here and after a few trips, you feel lighter because you get rid of weight, of a few worries of all sizes, of all kinds (emotional, family, friendly and professional) by the thought that you concretize directly (at the moment )

or some time later, when you're back home. The success of having solved some of these also allows you to acquire a little more self-confidence. What is not superfluous to advance a little more easily () in the continuity of its plan, its diagram () specific to each one and which I recommend in passing.

   I share, sow this alternative (modifiable according to the appreciation of the person: time taken, comfort, budget, choice of places) because I know that it can be useful for at a moment T of their life according to a state of mind and to each, each their own reasons. I explain and give subscribers all the practical information. Whether the conditions,

the tips for both men and women, the why, the how, the inner benefits in writing

so that everyone can act if it is a necessity, if it is a need, a desire to move forward, to find themselves,

like to solve one or more worries and find inner peace, freedom of spirit


(a finality after several trips of this type).


Accompanied trip


   Trips that take on a different dimension whether you are accompanied or not. Indeed, when practiced alone,

the dimension is much more focused on introspection through multiple situations, places, encounters, discoveries, observations, reflections. A conducive whole for that. Between friends, it's more a question of sharing, discussions and fun, laughter. Finally, with a close person, it is a mixture of affection, romanticism, discussions

and also share.


The method :


   - Trips of about an hour (more or less planned). Thousands of kilometers on the roads between departmental, national, country roads, valleys, mountains, plains and certain places where an all-terrain vehicle would have been more appropriate by the chaotic state of the roads. All in economical driving by all possible strategies

in order to consume the least fuel (one full tank = 1400 kilometres).

   - A rudimentary and daily hygiene. Meals at a lower price and in places where you can most often use Wifi, recharge the phone, computer, battery and devices. For brief comfort, my car which was mostly my hotel room giving me the advantage of being able to sleep where I wanted. Nights in luxurious places

in my eyes such as at the edge of lakes under the starry celestial vault avoiding as much as possible the sound & light pollution of the cities. Nights in the countryside too (and their surprising, soothing silence) admiring sunsets like sunrises

sun for each place chosen beforehand during my evening meal. Indeed, each dinner was the time to plan the outline of the following day, while eating, such as finding the right place to spend the night.

and take full advantage of a dawn afterwards.

   - Hikes, healthy walks every day of several kilometers from morning to evening while taking the time

to feel what was around me like to pay attention to the many emotions that crossed my body, my mind. The subject of enjoying the present moment intervened in this road trip for many experienced reasons.

Also and in this type of trip, it is about discoveries, unknowns and sharing.

   - Pauses which were most often admiring, contemplative, observant, sources of imagination in front of

majestic landscapes. There was also a certain look at everyday scenes, for example of people who can raise questions about life, mores, society, with a certain understanding. Also coffee breaks

on terraces, benches, in gardens, sometimes isolated or in the middle of places with a snack or not

in order to ask myself a few moments at first, in order to take advantage of the present moment, again, but also

in order to observe people, places, the way of life of the population.

   Whether on the road, on a break or walking, each of these moments was a source of reflection.

Conclusion :

   - A trip that was introspective and that allowed me to solve almost all the worries that pushed me

to travel.  

   - Everything is therefore an inner, physical, visual adventure in this 9th journey that I transcribe on Blog 2.0.  



   - Introspective journeys are more a therapy (), a remedy in the face of life which can sometimes be extremely brutal, overwhelming as everyone knows (perhaps not without reason…) than it can be just as beautiful, fulfilling



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