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Eric D. Reporting


  Whether you are a large, medium or small business, Eric D. Reportages adapts to your needs

in an innovative way.

A 10-year experience as a Globetrotter / Photographer-reporter with assets from 44 countries

crossed and 19 reports relayed on social networks.

In an advertising context, Eric D. Reportages offers  travels on a scheduled date

and reports associated with your brand. A travel broadcast step by step, day after day

over a defined number of kilometers and duration, by car but also on foot, across,

the chosen country(ies), region(s) through a Facebook page dedicated, professional,

public or reserved.

Why Facebook?

Most companies know the advantages of this type of media in order to convey an image.

It is also a reliable communication tool, easy to use for everyone, known, multilingual, widespread,

with  the ability to perform live. A tool accessible anywhere in the world  

and open to a wide audience.

Trips and reports in order to solicit an audience, convey an image, values,

one or more products for example.

It is therefore an advertising windfall that is offered to you by a trendy, innovative project

and which allows the public to dream through a view on the world.

A pricing made on a basis daily.

Basis : 250€ / day

The bonus  


A direct contribution included in the budget will be donated to the association "Right to the handicap"

in order to OFFER extras, outings for people in situation of handicap.

It is therefore a good action that is also available to you!

Travels and reports flexible, adaptive,

and which respect a project file drawn up on request and after consultation.    

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