Eric D. Reports


Whether you are a school or a specialized establishment, Eric D. reportages adapts

to your educational needs in an innovative way.

An educational context for educational institutions and for the centers specialized

which will be broadcast on an exclusively dedicated, professional,

private Facebook page and reserved for the establishment.

Why Facebook?

A widespread communication tool, known to all, accessible anywhere in the world,

easy to use and reliable. The possibility of administering it according to the choice

of the establishment.


Reports that take place in places or countries of your choice.

In France, in England, Spain or Europe for example.

Content defined by the establishment. It can be designed in order to see the beauty of a country,

of a place, chosen according to a precise itinerary, or even in order to notice the similarities

but also the cultural, historical, geographical, architectural differences among others.

All this by opening up to the world. It can also be designed to show aspects,

peculiarities, progress, evolution in a specific area.



Travel to Switzerland.

Writings & Videos on Blog 2.0

The bonus  


A direct contribution will be donated to a Specialized Reception House in order to OFFER extras,

outings to people in situation of handicap.

To receive a quote and the project file with the specifics of your content,

please use the contact form.