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Eric D. Reporting

Travel packages

  Offer a dream to surprise, delight, take care of the people you want

through entertaining reports.


Whether you are a school or specialized establishment, a company, a town hall,

an association, a gallery, Eric D. Reportages provides you with a pre-established travel.


U10 years of experience as a Globe-trotter / Photographer-reporter with an asset 

from 44 countries crossed and 19 reports relayed on social networks


Reports broadcasts of step to step, day after day on a dedicated, professional and reserved Facebook page 

to the participants. Reports that take place in pre-established locations with the possibility

of planning a few locations specific on the route according to the feasible suggestions of the participants.

Why Facebook?

A widespread communication tool, known to all, multilingual, with the possibility of carrying out

direct. A tool accessible anywhere in the world, easy to use and reliable.

Pricing made on a flat-rate basis.

Flat rate : 300€ / group of 30 people


Reports | Eastern Europe + Turkey.

Send an invitation request.


The bonus  


A direct contribution will be donated to the association "Right to the handicap"

in order to OFFER extras, outings for people in situation of handicap.  

To receive a quote and participate, please use the form or contact me by phone.     

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